Silicone Oil

Silicone Oils 1000cSt/2000cSt/5000cSt in syringes



The D.O.R.C. Silicone oil is a purified silicone oil which allows for a maximum interfacial tension and
minimizes interactions between tissues, cells and endo-tamponades media. The physical properties
include a combination of specific gravity, refractive index and surface tension. The choice of viscosity
offers an optimum balance between easy injection and a stable temporary tamponade.


Viscosity: 1000-1500 / 5000-5900 mPas.
Specific Gravity: 0,97 g/cm3 at 25°C.
Surface tension: 21 mN/m against air.
Interfacial tension: 40 mN/m against water.

27G High Infusion Line Silicon oil removal

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