EVA TDC Vitrectomy Pack VGPC Input 27G, Ultra Short

Article No: 8310.27S12


  • 27G Ultra Short Instruments, optimised for challenges of smaller eyes (8310.27KS): Cannula System with high Flow Infusion Line, TDC Cutter, SBS Light Fiber
  • Disposable EVA Air Fluid Dual Tubing
  • Disposable EVA VGPC Input Set (8110.VGP01)
  • Male/male luer connector | Female/female luer connector (8110.ACCS)
  • EVA Cartridge with 0.5L Collection bag (8100.CAR11)
  • Disposable EVA Drapes (8110.DRA01)
  • Packaging:6 packs/box
  • Sterile:Yes
  • Colour coding:Yellow
  • Select Gauge size:27
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