EVA Disposable High Speed TDC Cutter 23G / 8000 CPM DORC Continuum range

Article No: 8268.VIT23

Indications for Use :

  • For quick and safe removal of vitreous

Features & Benefits :

  • SAFER : Double cutting speed reduces traction on surrounding tissue.
  • FASTER : Duty cycle of 92% creates constant aspiratin flow independent from cutting speed.
  • INCREASED aspiration flow up to three times more than normal rate.
  • BETTER : Reduced “surge” turbulence at aspiration port from constant opening of the aspiration port.
  • Packaging:Box/6
  • Sterile:Yes
  • Colour coding:Green
  • Select Gauge size:23 | 25 | 27

Reviews & Testimonials

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Disposable High Speed TDC Cutter

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