27G Ultra Short Vitrectomy Kit | NEW

DORC is pleased to announce the launch of a new set of instruments optimised for challenges of smaller eyes.

The 27G Ultra Short Vitrectomy Kit (ref. 8310.27KS) includes the following 3 instruments:

27G Ultra Short One-Step cannula system

  • 25% shorter* inserter and trocar 
  • Trocar designed to improve retention


27G Ultra Short Shielded TotalView Endoillumination Probe

  • 20% shorter*
  • Light output increase by 65%**


27G Ultra Short TDC Cutter

  • 26% shorter*
  • Rigidity increased by 60%*


27G Ultra Short Vitrectomy Kit is designed for maximised surgeon control and minimally invasive surgery.


* compared to standard 27G instruments
** compared to previous standard 27G fibres

27G Ultra Short Vitrectomy Kit (product animation)

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